Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

A passion in common

The world-famed author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born at Lyon in 1900 and lost at sea on a wartime reconnaissance flight between Grenoble and Corsica in 1944. By then, he had logged nearly 7,000 hours as a pilot. His experience in pioneering the airmail service Aéropostale, as well as his accident in the desert one December night in 1935, contributed directly to his literary output: from Southern Mail to Night Flight, fromWind, Sand and Stars to Flight to Arras, as well as The Wisdom of the Sands and the unforgettable The Little Prince.

Château de Tiregand, Bergerac Antoine de Saint-ExupéryHe and the heirs of the Château de Tiregand shared the same forebears. The original line divided into two branches in the 15th century: Antoine descended from the branch on the right, the estate’s owners from the branch on the left.